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Testosterone and Male Health

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone and best known as the factor that determines sex drive and sexual performance. What people often do not know is that this hormone also determines many other factors such as the size of your abdomen, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

With good nutrition, right exercise and enough sleep, you can positively influence your testosterone levels. Alternatively, you can also take in testogen, a testosterone booster highly recommended by many who have already given it a try.

Understanding Testosterone

Testosterone is mainly produced in your testicles, but also partly in the adrenal glands. After the age of 25, production drops by an average of one percent per year. As a result, muscle mass and muscle strength decrease by the age of 50. Your short-term memory also deteriorates, and bone health also decreases.

Fancy sex
Belly fat grows faster due to decreasing testosterone. In addition, testosterone tends to get trapped in belly fat. As a result, less free testosterone flows through your body that you need for sex drive and getting an erection.

Men naturally have a low concentration of the female hormone estrogen. Due to the decreasing testosterone, the estrogen can play a greater role in your body. This hormone has a fattening effect in men.

Stacking belly fat
If you are in the phase of life where belly fat likes to accumulate, you should know that belly fat itself also produces estrogen, which makes the fat accumulation even faster. So intervene in time. Fortunately, you can do everything you can to keep your testosterone level high. And don’t wait until you are fifty, you will benefit from it from your thirtieth.

More strength training
Sport stimulates the production of testosterone, but you do not work up a sweat endlessly. Prolonged exercise, such as running fifteen kilometers four times a week, inhibits the production of male testosterone and stimulates the production of cortisol. And that hormone causes the breakdown of the muscles.

Sports in which you have to exert force with many muscle groups, actually help the testosterone a hand. Applying force, such as with weightlifting and rowing, is more important for the production of testosterone than repeating the same movements for a long time.

Another advantage of good exercises is that you can train away the estrogen-producing fat mass and replace it with tight muscle mass. That way, you kill two birds with one stone. Any gym can help you with that.

Dairy, meat or oily fish
Too much belly fat is bad, but a lean body is also unfavorable. Foods with very little fat are not good for testosterone production. In men who follow a strict diet, the testosterone level takes a nosedive. Eating a little fat daily from dairy, meat or oily fish is beneficial for the male hormone.

Diet, exercise and adequate sleep affect your testosterone levels. Your mood is also decisive, it controls the activity in the testicles to a certain extent. Constant dejection, feelings of powerlessness and doubts about your own abilities put the handbrake on your testosterone production. But a testosterone deficiency can also cause irritability, mood changes and depression.

By changing your lifestyle, you can exert a lot of influence on your testosterone production.

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are usually seen in hospital wards and clinics. But do you know that these beds offer so much more than just a place to sleep? Health workers know that that’s why you will see most of these adjustable beds from health facilities. In this post, let’s take a look at the types of adjustable beds there are and the health benefits of best adjustable bed bases.

What are adjustable beds?

An adjustable bed is a bed specifically designed to be adjusted in order to fit different sleeping positions. They are made of a durable fabric with pockets and built-in supports that can be moved up, down, left or right to accommodate the person’s physical needs. The type of adjustable bed is usually determined by the person’s needs and budget, although some people may choose to purchase two or more beds that can be used for different sleeping positions.

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

There are several health benefits one can get from adjustable beds, especially for people with sleeping disorders, back problems, and for the elderly.

  • For people who have sleeping disorders, such as insomnia and snoring, adjustable beds are the best solution to a peaceful night’s rest. An adjustable bed will keep their body in the most comfortable position while they are sleeping. In addition, adjustable beds can help people with spinal cord injuries regain their mobility and increase the quality of life.
  • Adjustable beds can also be very useful for elderly patients who may have difficulty in different positions due to their age and physical condition.
  • Adjustable beds are also beneficial for those who have major back problems such as postural torsion or scoliosis. An adjustable bed can help these patients sleep comfortably and prevent further damage to their spines.

These are just a few of the health benefits one can gain from using adjustable beds. But with these few mentions, we already have a clear picture of the general health care we can receive just by using them.

What types of adjustable beds are there?

There are many types of adjustable beds available today. The type of bed will depend on the person’s needs, budget and lifestyle.

Some people may prefer a traditional mattress that adjusts vertically to fit each individual’s physical body. However, for people with limited space in their bedroom, a vertical mattress can be too bulky and take up much of the available floor space. In addition, traditional adjustable beds usually come with high price tags that is not affordable to many people.

However, contemporary adjustable beds are now available on the market. They come in many sizes and styles such as electric, manual or hydraulic to fit your needs.

Electric adjustable beds include a motorized base that raises and lowers the bed frame from a sitting or lying position. This type of bed is usually cheaper than a hydraulic, but has limited mobility capabilities because it will not adjust to the finer adjustments of some people with spinal cord injuries.

The manual adjustable beds are very simple and easy to use. The person can raise and lower the bed frame or mattress to a comfortable position. These beds are very affordable, but manual adjustments may not be as effective as hydraulic adjustment because they do not have motors that will move the bed up and down.

So next time you go out looking for beds, consider getting your family adjustable beds for various health reasons.

Musculoskeletal Pain : Direct and Indirect Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

Some people who experience pain in their muscles and nerves, usually occurring in the lower back area tend to dismiss it as part of the natural ageing process. Yet this is possible only if the pain is acute, which means the pain is mild and short-lived and does not interfere in the performance of daily activities. However, if the pain goes from mild to severe to the point of becoming debilitating, and lasting for more than six months, a doctor will likely diagnose the condition as chronic musculoskeletal pain.


What Causes Musculoskeletal Pain?

Musculoskeletal pain commonly arises from an injury that affects the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments as well as the bones. Such injuries may be sports-related, or as a result of a vehicular accident. Yet they can also occur as a symptom of another disorder like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, lupus, scoliosis and sarcopenia, which is just to mention a few.

There are also direct causes of musculoskeletal pain, of which some examples include but not limited to the following:

  • Poor posture
  • Overexertion at work or in playing sports
  • Infection of bone or muscles tissues
  • Tumors that apply pressure on the bones and tendons;
  • Prolonged period of bed rest as a result of surgery or lingering illness.

The pain can be described as dull but deep and stabbing, which when felt through the bone is more uncomfortable than the pain occurring in muscles or tendons. Muscle pain is usually linked to muscle cramps, contraction or twitch. Feelings of nerve pain usually have an excruciating quality as if being jabbed by pins and needles.

Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain

Prior to recommending a medicine or treatment for acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain, the attending physician will first conduct a thorough examination of a patient to determine the root cause. If the doctor’s diagnosis identifies a specific health or injury problem as the main cause, proper medication or treatment therapy will be prescribed. Depending on the severity of the pain described by the person suffering from musculoskeletal pain, the physician will also prescribe a pain reliever and if necessary, a muscle relaxant like Soma, a carisoprodol oral medication.

However, carisoprodol is listed by the FDA as a controlled substance because users of this medication tend to abuse it. In some cases, some others take it in combination with another controlled substance to increase the potency of the drugs. As a controlled substance, it means one can only buy it from a drugstore if accompanied by a medical prescription.

While it is possible to buy soma pills online usa purchasers can do so without prescription but only in limited quantities. A Soma online outlet will want to know if a buyer has existing heart, kidney or liver issues; or if a female buyer is pregnant or currently nursing a newborn. Generally, a Soma online seller does not advise it as oral medication for children or people above 65 unless recommended as a medical treatment.

Poor Blood Circulation and Its Most Common Symptoms

Blood circulation has always been presented as the essential bodily function that allows the vital organs to perform their respective roles in the body. Naturally, if there’s a problem with a person’s blood circulation, the vital organ that receive the least amount of blood from the circulatory system is likely to show symptoms, usually in the lower extremities, starting from the pelvis down to the legs and feet.

Poor blood circulation can be caused by several reasons such as deficiencies in nutrients and important minerals like magnesium, some others are caused by poor posture, lack of exercise and/or smoking. While there have been scientific studies that have explored the helpful effects of the natural gas molecules known as nitric oxide to the heart and the blood circulation process, the research was conducted only on male subjects.

The results of the study were published in the Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, which supports the taking of nitric oxide supplements among men male athletes.

Most Common Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation

Swollen veins, commonly known as varicose or spider veins, often occur as results of plaque buildup in the arteries. Plaque build up is usually caused by excess calories and calcium in the bloodstream. Its formation prevents the blood to flow freely in the arteries, which would later lead to blood vessel inflammation or swelling.

Muscle pain caused by stiffness, numbness or cramping in the legs and feet due to lack of oxygen supply, which happens if blood circulation does not reach the leg and feet areas.

Cold hands and feet are also symptoms as they indicate disruptions in blood flow, preventing blood from reaching the lowest parts of the body.

Pain or discomfort in the pelvic area as a result of compressed nerves due to poor posture or staying in a seated position for long hours.

The above mentioned symptoms are only examples of signs of poor blood circulation, which if ignored and left untreated puts the brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys at risk of developing a disorder that could have fatal consequences.

Can Nitric Oxide Supplements Improve Blood Circulation in Both Male and Female Adults?

Nitric oxide are natural gas molecules produced by almost all types of cells composing every part of the human body. They are of vital importance because they help the inner muscles of blood vessels to dilate or open up, and allow blood to freely flow in. Scientifically, they are known as vasodilators.

Still, scientific researches on the effects of nitric oxide were conducted mostly among male patients suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and its related symptoms. Apparently, the increase in nitric oxide production helped the male patients overcome their ED, after the blood vessels regained their ability to properly supply blood and oxygen in the affected male genitalia.

In recent developments, one of the most recommended nitric oxide supplements is Rocket Man Naturals; but as the brand name suggests, this supplement is best for male adults looking to keep their blood vessels healthy. At the least, nitric oxide supplements help increase tolerance against muscle stiffness, which if not properly supplied with sufficient vasodilators could lead to ED.

Female adults on the other hand, particularly those experiencing the common symptoms of poor blood circulation, can simply increase the production of vasodilators in their body by eating food rich in nitric oxide like beets, dark chocolate, meat, leafy greens, citrus fruits, garlic, nuts and seeds, which is just to mention a few.