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Genes and Environment : Factors that Affect the Efficiency of Weight Loss Products and Diets

Despite the proliferation of weight loss supplements and diet meals that help prevent unnecessary weight gain, the obesity rate in the US keeps accelerating. According to fitness trainers, it’s important to remember that weight loss pills, just like diet programs, do not produce the same degree of efficiency on all types of individuals looking to lose weight.

Genetic Influence and the Obesity Predisposition

Although studies have proven that calorie reduction matters, it cannot be achieved by simply focusing on the type of food to eat. People are made of different genes, which are of varying strengths in a single person. Several kinds of research have led to conclusions that different levels of genetic influence result in varying degrees of obesity predisposition. Genetic influence for some accounts for only 25% of the overweight experience, while it can be as high as 70% – 80% among many others.

This is one reason why not all diet plans and weight loss pills work as effectively for all people. The scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describe genes as natural elements that influence behaviors and lifestyle because basically, they give the body instructions on how to respond to hunger, or how to curb a fondness for food. Genes can also influence the amount of calories or fat that a body burns if it’s more inclined to take on an active lifestyle.

According to the CDC, genetic influence is a result of the complex interactions of multiple genes and not of a single specific gene variant.

Environment as a Driver of Obesity

Today’s environment is also a key driver of obesity, as it helps develop unhealthy lifestyles and promotes risky eating behaviors; all contributing to the continuing increase of obesity. The availability and quick access to food at any time of the day, have awakened enormous appetites for consuming foods that please the palates. In many cases, food is the main focus of entertainment. Not to forget to mention that it’s a popular topic in social media platforms.

The genes that helped ancestors survive conditions in which food was scarce and of fewer variety, need to have better responses now that people do not have to hunt and gather food. Weight loss diets are difficult to follow if someone in the family or in the dorm, habitually initiates food binging as a way to relieve stress.

One’s daily exercise of running or walking is hard to keep if you have to be off early to beat the traffic; or if you’re too tired to engage in exercise routines at the end of the day. Lack of demand for energy can slow down metabolism that naturally burns rather than stores fatThe bottom line is that diets and weight loss pills do not work as effectively for some, as they do in others, because people don’t have the same genetic blueprint. Recently, however, there’s a new supplement called Exipure that has been drawing attention, because most users are giving positive feedback about its efficiency regardless of one’s genetic makeup or eating habits.

Understanding the Goals of an Integrated Metabolic Renewal Fitness Program

Women who became obese as they came of age tend to have little success in managing metabolism to control their weight, even if appetite suppressants are taken. Understand that people, especially women, have different worries and stresses, which is why weight loss supplements do not serve as magical solutions if not combined with a weight loss plan that has been customized according to one’s real-life conditions. The good news is there is now a program called “Metabolic Renewal”, which can help women feel better, look good and have greater success in managing their metabolism toward achieving weight loss goals.

What is Metabolic Renewal?

Metabolic Renewal is a 12-week program that can be integrated as part of a fitness regime. as it is designed to provide enrollees with a comprehensive guide that is tailor fit to their respective health related goals.


Regardless if you are a woman looking to control your weight gain, reduce your belly fat, control mood swings or suppress intense cravings that lead to a poor lifestyle, a customized Metabolic Renewal program will address the related hormonal issues that requires balancing, so as not to aggravate current health impairments.

The program includes a 12-week plan for metabolic meals that are programmed according to your taste preferences and your geographical location. In addition, the plan includes engaging in 15 minute workouts to make weight goals easier and quicker to achieve.

How Do Hormonal Imbalances Cause Obesity?

Hormones are different classes of chemical compounds naturally produced by the body mainly for the purpose of regulating the different processes that go on in the human body. Hormonal imbalances have been identified as the root causes of obesity because hormonal failures can impact metabolism, the very process that is responsible for fat distribution. If metabolism is not properly carried out, failure will lead to the accumulation of fat that has been stored in cells rather than burned.

The endocrine system comprises glands that secrete different types of hormones into the bloodstream to help the body cope and deal with different stresses and occurrences that transpire as the human body functions on a day-to-day basis. However, certain conditions like overweight or obesity can lead to excessive or deficient hormonal secretions, specifically hormones like insulin, leptin, growth hormones and sex hormones. Primarily because they are involved or can influence the fat distribution and fat storage processes.

As an example, the hormones leptin are secreted by the fat cells to send messages to the brain that there is more than enough energy stored. The body therefore needs to reduce the affected person’s craving for food, until after the stored fats have been burned or used.

However, in an overweight or obese person, the amount of leptin ordinarily produced is not enough and can be overpowered by the person’s strong appetite and craving for food. That is why fat burning supplements alone do not work efficiently if not accompanied by proper meals and workouts.

In fully understanding how hormones affect the body, you’ll have better comprehension of what participants are saying about the 12-week customised plan in their metabolic renewal reviews..  .