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The AU Government’s Continuing Programmes to Ensure Good Dental Health Among Australian Citizens

In the past 30 years or so, the national government of Australia launched initiatives to improve dental health in all Australian states and territories. The ongoing National Oral Health Plan (NOHP)2015-2024 for one, ensures availability of funds in providing dental services and dental health improvement programs. Spearheaded by the Council of Australian Government (COAG) along with state and territory governments, have collaborated with dental professionals, consumer organisations, community sector and policy makers.

Through the NOHP 2015-2024 programme, the reach of the water fluoridation program has expanded; After all, the addition of fluoride content in drinking water has been deemed as important in reducing tooth decay in both Australian children and adults. The NOHP has also made it possible for priority populations across different jurisdictions, to gain access to dental care services.

Common Causes of Poor Oral Health in Australia


Aside from lack of fluoridation in some of Australia’s water supplies, the following are some of the most common causes of poor oral health in Australia:

  • Excessive intakes of sugar-rich foods;
  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption;
  • Poor oral hygiene habits;
  • Absence of regular dental check-ups;
  • Scarcity of affordable public and private dental care services, and in some cases, lack of private dental clinics.

How does Poor Oral Health Impact a Person’s Wellbeing?

Generally, poor oral health leads to tooth decay or caries, which when left untreated, causes periodontal or gum disease. These are oral diseases that more often that not destroy mouth tissues and reduce the functionality of the mouth, as chewing and swallowing food become more difficult.

According to the NOHP 2015-2024, poor oral health creates psychological impact that in turn can negatively affect health conditions as results of poor nutrition. Existing chronic disorders, including stroke and cardiovascular problem.

Successful NOHP 2015-2024 in Australian States and Territories

In some Australian states and territories, the campaigns for good oral habits and conditions have convinced many Australians to choose dental implants over false dentures, to replace their damaged or missing teeth.


Unlike traditional artificial teeth that tend to slide around when chewing food, dental implants as replacement teeth offer comfort and stability as they work like real teeth, especially when looking to replace multiple lost or damaged teeth. The dental implants perth clinics offer are the most highly recommended because their artificial tooth root is made of titanium. Yet costs and fees associated with dental implants are not the only considerations as there are also risks that tend to vary from patient to patient.