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What Makes the Use and Trade of AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) Legal?

Generally, anabolic steroids are legal in many countries but there are laws in place to restrict dispensation, as well as criminalize their illegal trade. While there have been movements from major sports organizations calling for the prohibition of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), the problem is not actually due to the inefficiency of the drug, but to its misuse and abuse, especially in the world of sports.

For AAS use and trade to be legal, purchase of anabolic steroids from drugstores must be supported by a medical prescription issued by a duly licensed physician. Since AAS are synthetic substances formulated to mimic the functions of the male hormone known as testosterone, doctors prescribe steroids to male patients who have very low testosterone counts.

As synthetic substitute for testosterone, anabolic steroids can promote bone growth and muscle development, doctors prescribe AAS drugs as treatment for young boys suffering from certain genetic disorders resulting in low production of testosterone and delayed puberty. However, anabolic steroids garnered a bad rap after deaths caused by misuse or abuse of AAS were established.

Major Scandals that Gave AAS Drugs a Bad Rap

Steroids became associated with scandals involving sports organizations in countries that encouraged the administration of anabolic steroids to healthy athletes; not for medical treatments but to enhance their players’ strength and ability to endure the rigors of sports. Since the human body could only take so much, the overuse of steroids caused not only side effects but also led to untimely deaths for some athletes.

That being the case, international sports competitions have made it imperative for athletes to undergo testing for doping. The puropose of which is to  make sure they have natural and not drug-enhanced abilities when competing in their field of sport.

What are Legal Steroids?

Since the sale of anabolic steroids without medical prescription is considered as illegal, supplement manufacturers formulated legal dietary products that contain alternative ingredients like creatine, to help in the muscle building process. Known as legal steroids, they are taken by people looking to increase their muscle mass while working out by way of intense physical exercises.

However, not all legal steroids are the same, as some still use synthetic formulations that mimic AAS but to a lesser degree. In such cases, the Food and Dug Administration still consider such supplements as illegal, since users need only to up the dosage, in order to achieve the same enhancing effects produced by anabolic androgenic steroids.

Body builders and fitness buffs are continuously looking for legal steroids canada known as pharma grade steroids. Yet even pharma grade steroids are not easy to find, even in Canada where most pharmaceutical companies that produce legal steroids, are located. Mainly because the sale of pharma grade steroids are limited to accredited suppliers.

CanadPeds for one, lays claim to having the largest inventory of pharma grade steroids because of their accreditation with high-quality steroids lab like Pharma Genix Labs and andSYN Pharma.

LeanBean and Powher : The Best Fat Burners for Vegan and Vegetarian Women

Many women search high and low for weight loss supplements that work without requiring them to abstain from eating, while demanding only a modicum of exercise. When coming across “before-and after” promotional videos about fat burners, not a few develop the misconception that fat burner formulations naturally burn calories in ways that will enable them to lose weight quickly. As a result, their search for the best fat burner for women is unending.


Rather than simply rely on quick feedback comments posted by users who claim that their fat burner supplement is a miracle drug, take time to fully read and understand the explanations provided by authors of the best fat burner for women reviews. In fact leading fat burner brands like LeanBean and Powher Cut do not make claims of working like miracles, nor give declarations about being the ultimate solutions to weight loss endeavors.

Brief Background about the Similarities Between LeanBean and Powher

Both fat burner brands are products of a company called Ultimate Life, which explains why LeanBean and Powher have similar attributes and components. Yet the company has a greater understan about the fact that not all women who have non-health related weight issues, have the same lifestyle and dietary preferences.

LeanBean is a stand alone fat burner supplement for women who combine intakes of weight loss supplements with exercise or other forms of calorie-burning physical activities. Powher Cut on the other hand, is part of a line of health and fitness products designed to help women who workout in gyms. Powher provides nutrients that will boost energy, especially if the user follows a certain dietary regimen.

Yet all of Ultimate Life’s weight loss and dietary supplements are best for vegans and vegetarians, which some may think is a form of cheating. Aren’t all consumers of plant-based food leaner, as they do not have high calorie intakes?

Actually, going vegan or eating plant-based diets as a means to lose weight is a myth.

Medcan Dietitian and Director of Food Explains Why Eating Plant-based Food is Not a Weight Loss Diet

A private practice dietitian named Leslie Beck who is also the director of food and nutrition at Canada-based Medcan, supplied the explanation as an answer to one of the readers of Globe and Mail, a health and fitness website.

According to Ms. Beck, shifting to a plant-based diet and cutting off meat-based food items does not necessarily result in weight loss. Equating veganism to consuming low calorie food is not a magic pill for weight loss.

As nutritious as plant foods are, they also account for calorie intakes. As examples, Ms. Beck cited that a half cup of almond is packed with 415 calories, while consuming a whole piece of avocado fruit equates to an intake of 325 calories. So does a cup of cooked brown rice, because the serving delivers as much as 250 calories.

Another thing about plant-based meals is that they are low in protein, a nutrient that is supposed to keep one feel satiated for a longer period. As a remedy for preventing overeating, a vegan follower should eat more protein-rich plant food like beans and lentils. Yet doing so means taking in additional calories.

That being the case, there are also vegans and vegetarians who actually gain additional weight instead of losing extra pounds. In addressing overweight issues, they chose LeanBean or Powher because they are highly recommended as the best fat burner for female vegans and vegetarians. Mainly because their plant-based ingredients including the glucomannan dietary fiber, help control calorie absorption in their fat cells.

Moreover, the glucomannan dietary fiber helps them feel full longer despite the absence of meat-based proteins. As fat burners, LeanBean and Powher also contain ingredients that can boost their energy even if their bodies have limited supplies of calories.

Living Healthier With Mushrooms

Mushrooms are delicious and very healthy. They are a valuable part of a healthy diet.

Why edible mushrooms are so valuable

Mushrooms are delicious and very healthy. They are a valuable addition to your daily menu. They have many advantages for your health.

On the one hand, they contain almost no salt, are cholesterol-free, and are also extremely low in calories and fat. They are among the power suppliers for valuable vital substances. For example, they are an important source of our body’s supply of protein or the vitamins of the B group. In addition, they also contain considerable amounts of minerals, trace elements, and fiber.

Mushrooms have a high protein content

This vegetable provides you with remarkably high protein content. 100 grams of mushrooms bought at contain an average of 3.3 grams of protein compared to other vegetables. Thus, they are a valuable and delicious alternative for individuals who want to reduce their meat consumption. Of course, mushrooms are perfect for vegans and vegetarians. Mushrooms are also ideal for people who have to forego foods with a high purine content due to rheumatism, gout, or increased uric acid levels.

Mushrooms are rich in vitamins

Mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and shiitake are also valuable sources of vitamins for your bodies. Vitamins of the B group are particularly rich. By consuming 100 grams a day, that is approximately three mushrooms, you can do a lot for your supply of the needed pantothenic acid (B5), niacin (B3), B vitamins riboflavin (B2), and biotin (B7).

The vitamins riboflavin (B2) and niacin (B3) are important for your cell functions and metabolism, among other things. They also play an important role in the production of energy in your body cells from carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. The more you have to or want to do, be it at work, in the family or in sports, the more of these two vitamins you also need. Therefore, it is always advisable and a good idea to have a small portion of mushrooms as a snack in between. For instance, you can put a few mushrooms on the breakfast toast or add them to the salad.

What are Your Options to have a Baby Girl?

There are some couples out there who are dedicated and trying so hard to have a baby girl. While babies are cute and adorable, we should focus on the more important matter which is to ensure that they are healthy. On the other hand, assuming that you can have it your way, are there something that you could do to conceive a baby girl?

Getting a Baby Girl!

There are actually different known method that is used and advised by experts to have a baby girl from reading articles on some of the best HGH for men reviews, trying to Shettles Method, doing different sex positions and a lot more. Regardless, it never hurts to give these options a try.

Option number 1. The Shettles Method

In this approach, it’s been used with regards to gender selection all the way back to the 60s. It is claiming to have a 75 percent success rate among couples who are wanting to conceive a baby girl. According to Dr. Shettles, timing serves as the most important element which is also backed by several other data like:

·         By the time when a woman’s ovulation begins, just the girl sperm must be left in fertilizing the egg

·         Girl sperms are a lot resilient and stronger but, it swims slowly compared to boy sperms

·         Boy sperms do swim faster but has low survivability rate than its girl sperm counterpart

·         The chromosome-carrying sperm determines the sex of the baby

When trying this method, there are few things to be taken into consideration such as:

·         Couples must have sex at least 2 to 4 days prior ovulation

·         Steer clear of having an intercourse when you have egg white-like, clear vaginal mucus for this is a definite sign of ovulation

·         Avoid intercourse during such period as it reduces the chances of conceiving

·         It may take longer to try to conceive a baby when using this approach

Option number 2. Assisted by Technology

Every couple has their own reason for why they have a preferred sex for their baby. As for those who are into holistic methods, getting assisted by technology may feel as if they’re going to the extreme. On the other hand, if you desperately need some help, then these options may be just one of the things you want to consider.

With such, there are a couple of hi-tech options that can be used and these are:

IVF with PGT

Embryos that are made via the IVF could be tested genetically. This is done typically to check for any chromosomal abnormalities but can provide vital information regarding the baby’s sex.

Sperm Sorting

Between the two, it is less invasive and at the same time, it could be done before an IUI or intrauterine insemination. It is likely capable of producing the sex desired in comparison with natural means but is less likely to PGT.

How To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way

Diet and exercise control are fundamental to lose weight in a healthy way. While many women try various fat burners, there are still women who prefer to lose weight naturally. Rapid weight loss is not only burdensome to the body, but can also induce a variety of adverse effects such as anorexia nervosa, anemia, and abnormal menstruation. The trick is to lose weight “slowly” and to maintain an ideal body weight in the long run.

For women who want to take in fat burners like LeanBean to complement their exercise and diet, it is essential to read reviews on how it works. Here is a good review to read if you are considering LeanBean – ‘how to take leanbean for best results’.

Tips for Natural Weight Loss

Meal points for healthy weight loss

1. Eat meals on a regular basis. If you skip breakfast as a habit, there will be a gap between meals and as a result, more food will be added to your next meal. Skipping breakfast or eating too much for dinner to make up for it is a habit of getting fat easily. Therefore, make it a habit to have a good breakfast, lunch, and a light supper.

2. Eat slowly and chew well. The feeling of fullness is controlled by the satiety center in the brain. The satiety center works by the sugar that is sent into the brain and suppresses appetite. This satiety center begins to work about 20 to 30 minutes after the start of a meal. Eating slowly increases the sugar in the blood that is sent to the brain before the stomach becomes full, so you don’t overeat. If you eat fast without chewing well, you will end up eating more than you need because your diet will progress before the satiety center works. Also, by eating slowly and chewing well, food is efficiently digested and absorbed in the body. Therefore, take 20 minutes at a minimum to eat slowly. The use of chopsticks, a small spoon, or eating while drinking tea will help you take your time in consuming a meal.

3. More quality food than the quantity of food. To improve your health, you need to eat a nutritionally balanced diet. The amount of nutrients that humans need each day is fixed, so it is not good for the body to lack any of them. Eating an extremely unbalanced diet, such as vegetables only or fruits only, can cause adverse effects such as physical discomfort and the development of illness. Eating a well-balanced diet helps your body not want more extra food and naturally suppresses your appetite. In addition, metabolism becomes active and fat does not accumulate easily.

4. Light seasoning, Light taste, better nutrition. The light taste is gentle to the body. Strongly seasoned side dishes tend can cause high blood pressure and heart disease. Cooking with light seasoning is a healthy way to eat.

Points of exercise for healthy weight loss

1. Aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is an exercise in which fat is easily burned as energy. This includes walking, jogging, swimming, and biking. As you exercise longer, the triglycerides in adipose tissue break down and the free fatty acids are used as the main source of energy to consume fat. These exercises do not consume fat unless they are continued for 20 minutes or more, but it is becoming clear that exercise is effective even for a short period of time. It doesn’t matter if it’s chopped into 5 or 10 minutes, so start where you can fit your lifestyle.

2. Strength training. It is more effective to use not only aerobic exercise but also strength training. By consuming fat as energy by aerobic exercise and building muscle by strength training, it changes to the reason that it is easy to consume energy (because it is hard to accumulate fat and it is hard to gain weight). Body fat percentage and muscle mass do not change overnight, but continuous training will definitely change your body. By adding strength training such as abdominal muscles, push-ups, and dumbbell exercises, you can achieve a well-balanced exercise and improve the efficiency of fat consumption. The first thing to do is to get into the habit, so let’s work hard little by little without giving up.

3. Feel the joy and comfort of exercise. It will take some time for the effects of exercise to appear. It is important to feel the joy and comfort of moving your body, rather than just asking for results, saying that you will not lose weight easily. By continuing, your body will surely change. Look for small changes in yourself. Also, be careful if you feel pain while exercising. Pain is a warning signal that your body emits. It is dangerous to continue exercising in a painful manner. If you experience pain, take a break and try something else, or talk to your doctor or exercise instructor.

Finally, apart from consuming proper meals and exercise, it is important to manage stress. Take time for yourself. Music, travel, etc. are effective ways in relieving stress. A well-balanced diet and moderate exercise can also help reduce stress. Regardless of your approach, stress management is important to control the body’s serotonin level. With these tips, you can achieve the ideal weight for a better lifestyle.