LeanBean and Powher : The Best Fat Burners for Vegan and Vegetarian Women

Many women search high and low for weight loss supplements that work without requiring them to abstain from eating, while demanding only a modicum of exercise. When coming across “before-and after” promotional videos about fat burners, not a few develop the misconception that fat burner formulations naturally burn calories in ways that will enable them to lose weight quickly. As a result, their search for the best fat burner for women is unending.


Rather than simply rely on quick feedback comments posted by users who claim that their fat burner supplement is a miracle drug, take time to fully read and understand the explanations provided by authors of the best fat burner for women reviews. In fact leading fat burner brands like LeanBean and Powher Cut do not make claims of working like miracles, nor give declarations about being the ultimate solutions to weight loss endeavors.

Brief Background about the Similarities Between LeanBean and Powher

Both fat burner brands are products of a company called Ultimate Life, which explains why LeanBean and Powher have similar attributes and components. Yet the company has a greater understanhttps://www.deathbymodernmedicine.com/the-importance-of-physical-activity-for-healthding about the fact that not all women who have non-health related weight issues, have the same lifestyle and dietary preferences.

LeanBean is a stand alone fat burner supplement for women who combine intakes of weight loss supplements with exercise or other forms of calorie-burning physical activities. Powher Cut on the other hand, is part of a line of health and fitness products designed to help women who workout in gyms. Powher provides nutrients that will boost energy, especially if the user follows a certain dietary regimen.

Yet all of Ultimate Life’s weight loss and dietary supplements are best for vegans and vegetarians, which some may think is a form of cheating. Aren’t all consumers of plant-based food leaner, as they do not have high calorie intakes?

Actually, going vegan or eating plant-based diets as a means to lose weight is a myth.

Medcan Dietitian and Director of Food Explains Why Eating Plant-based Food is Not a Weight Loss Diet

A private practice dietitian named Leslie Beck who is also the director of food and nutrition at Canada-based Medcan, supplied the explanation as an answer to one of the readers of Globe and Mail, a health and fitness website.

According to Ms. Beck, shifting to a plant-based diet and cutting off meat-based food items does not necessarily result in weight loss. Equating veganism to consuming low calorie food is not a magic pill for weight loss.

As nutritious as plant foods are, they also account for calorie intakes. As examples, Ms. Beck cited that a half cup of almond is packed with 415 calories, while consuming a whole piece of avocado fruit equates to an intake of 325 calories. So does a cup of cooked brown rice, because the serving delivers as much as 250 calories.

Another thing about plant-based meals is that they are low in protein, a nutrient that is supposed to keep one feel satiated for a longer period. As a remedy for preventing overeating, a vegan follower should eat more protein-rich plant food like beans and lentils. Yet doing so means taking in additional calories.

That being the case, there are also vegans and vegetarians who actually gain additional weight instead of losing extra pounds. In addressing overweight issues, they chose LeanBean or Powher because they are highly recommended as the best fat burner for female vegans and vegetarians. Mainly because their plant-based ingredients including the glucomannan dietary fiber, help control calorie absorption in their fat cells.

Moreover, the glucomannan dietary fiber helps them feel full longer despite the absence of meat-based proteins. As fat burners, LeanBean and Powher also contain ingredients that can boost their energy even if their bodies have limited supplies of calories.