Why We Should Not Overlook Caring for Our Hands

Many tend to overlook the fact that the first areas that show the earliest signs of aging are the skin of one’s hands, being constantly exposed to soap, UV rays and other elements. Without extra care our hands will look rough, dull, and cracked, during colder seasons as the elements present can make our skin thin and weaker,

If all the aforementioned are present in your lifestyle and environment, have awareness that it’s important to use hand cream. Hand creams moisturize the skin of the hands in more ways than hand lotions do.

However, confusion arises since there are a vast array of creams and lotions containing similar ingredients and for basically the same purpose of moisturizing the hands. Not knowing the difference between these two products makes choosing whether a hand cream or hand lotion is the right type of moisturizer to use.

Difference Between Hand Creams and Hand Lotions

Basically, quality hand creams contain a special formula for nourishing the skin in your hands in order to provide adequate protection against skin that has been damaged by long time exposure to UV rays and frequent washing with soap, detergents and water.

What makes a hand cream of good quality is that it has the ability to instantly soothe your hands whilst working toward keeping them soft. Mainly because the properties of their formulation have the ability to repair and undo the damages caused by neglect in taking extra care of your hands.

Viscosity is one difference between hand creams and lotions as the level of their viscosity can be compared to the lubricants used in cars. Although both hand products definitely moisturize however, they both differ in oil content.

Creams have high viscosity mainly because they have less water content and more oil, which makes them thicker in comparison to hand lotions. Due to the cream’s thickness manufacturers use jars over bottles or tubes.

Hand creams are suitable for those who already have dry skin since the thick consistency provides extra protection while actively moisturizing the hands. Their use is particularly effective in climates where there’s less moisture in the air such as winter or dry climates.

Conversely, lotions have low viscosity as they contain more purified water, which makes their consistency thinner and easier to spread. These are the types of skin care products usually stored in bottles or tubes since they can be squeezed out easily.

Since hand lotions are less oily and much lighter, they are perfect for people with normal skin in line with their need to keep their skin constantly revitalized through moisturization. Hand lotions are particularly effective in summer and humid climates where the levels of moisture are high.

Additionally, lotions are convenient to apply in areas of skin that have have more hair coverings as their lightness and low viscosity allows better penetration of moisture in such areas.

What Else to Consider When Choosing Between Creams or Lotions?

Take note that the weather conditions and climate in your environment are determining factors when choosing between hand creams or lotions. Bear in mind that the main importance of using either a hand cream or hand lotion is the efficiency by which they can effectively promote skin elasticity and hydration.

Let’s cite South Korea as an example, which although a Southeast Asian country, its climate is generally cold but with relatively dry winter, which means there is less moisture in the air. The country’s average monthly temperatures are the coldest in winter, usually dropping below freezing level except in the southern coast.

Summers on the other hand are hot and humid with the sun’s UV rays directly hitting the region from July to August. Take notice of the hand skin care products listed by 랭킹닷컴, a Korean online consumer goods website, as the Top 7 brands of hand moisturizers. Take notice that basically, the hand moisturizers listed are in cream form with sun protection.