Remedy When Man Can’t

To be ready at all times is important to many, especially young men. If the ability to stand does not work out that way, there is often a great deal of silence. Those affected shy away from talking to their partner or a doctor about it. Usually, you can treat erectile dysfunction well. Some people use wearable sex toys as a remedy.

Are you looking forward to intimate togetherness, but somehow your thoughts only revolve around the last business meeting at which you did not perform so well? Then the air is quickly out and the best buddy dies. This is completely normal and, hand on the heart has happened to most men before. However, if the erection does not occur more often or if it repeatedly subsides too early, it is extremely stressful and the partnership then quickly comes under pressure.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is common and affects about 1 in 10 men. Medical professionals say when a man has problems with his erection more than two-thirds of the time and for a period of at least six months. The frequency increases with age, but younger people are also affected. Every fourth new diagnosis is said to affect a man under 40 years of age.

Erectile dysfunction: How come?

There are many causes of ED. While in men over 50 physical causes such as nerve damage, testosterone deficiency or diabetes mellitus predominate, in younger people, psychological factors are in the foreground. These include, for example

  • One in four people is under 40
  • The constant pressure to perform during studies or at work
  • Conflicts with the partner
  • Fear of failure
  • Mental illness such as depression

In addition, excessive porn consumption also seems to reduce the fun of real sex and impair potency. Obesity, heavy smoking, too much alcohol and substance abuse all increase the risk.

A stuck in bed can mean that the next time the man only thinks about not “failing” again. This often slows down sexual arousal and thus the erection.

Erectile dysfunction: Take courage

No question about it, erectile dysfunction is a sensitive issue. However, an open conversation with someone you trust and especially with your partner can help you to relieve pressure and frustration. A urologist is your contact with expert knowledge in this area. In conversation and with targeted examinations, he can determine whether there is a physical or a psychological problem and suggest different treatment approaches.